Employment Opportunities


Employment Opportunities


Materials technicians sample and test a variety of materials used in the civil construction industry. The results of these tests are used to asses the quality of the material, to verify that it meets the needs of the owner and state, and to identify any faults in the material which may need to be addressed.

We use a number of methods to examine materials, including non-destructive testing (NDT). Our duties include:

  • testing a material's strength under stress
  • testing materials' composition and unit size
  • producing test results and recommendations on the usability of the material

All of our technicians have certifications in materials sampling and testing, which is a requirement for this position.  Training and certification can be provided for applicants if needed.

This position is a full-time, seasonal position.  If you are interested in pursuing this field, or have questions, please contact the Palmer Lab office.

WITHIN THE Construction admin STAFF:

We are always accepting resumes from those with experience in the construction field, and who are pursuing careers in this industry.  You can contact the Anchorage Office.