ANC Taxiway Y & K Safety Area Widening

This federally funded project is widening the safety areas for Taxiway Y&K at ANC with construction cost estimated to be over $5,000,000. Both taxiway safety areas are to be widened to accommodate FAA standards for Aircraft Design Group VI.  Completed 2016 - $5M

Atka Airport Runway Extension and Resurfacing Project

This project rotated the runway and extended it from 4,500 feet to 5,100 feet, and widened the safety area from 100 feet to 150 feet. The apron and aviation support areas were relocated. The Snow Removal Equipment Building (SREB) and runway lighting were replaced, and airspace terrain obstructions were removed. Other elements constructed on this project include PAPI pads, lighted wind cone, segmented circle, relocated electrical and telephone services to the existing Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS), and reconstruction of the access road.  Completed 2010 - $18M

Northway Airport Permanent Repairs

EMC provided CA for this project to rehabilitate the runway and taxiway that was damaged during a 2003 earthquake.  This was accomplished through deep dynamic compaction, adding base course, surface course, and pavement. The taxiway and apron areas were realigned to meet FAA standards. All safety areas and operational surfaces were reclaimed and rehabilitated. All PAPIs and REILs were replaced, and electrical feeders for associated equipment were recabled.  The existing road into Northway Village was also realigned during this project.  Completed 2009 - $19M

Sand Point Airport Runway Rehabilitation Runway Safety Area Extension Stage III

EMC performed CA services to pave the runway, taxiway, and apron at the Sand Point Airport.  EMC inspected pavement cold planing, grooving, and striping as well as installation of airport lighting.  The Sand Point Airport project shifted the centerline of the runway 26 feet laterally, extended the Runway Safety Area by 600 feet into Popof Straight, and replaced VASIs with PAPIs as well as REIL and Lighted Wind-Cone relocations.  Completed 2007 - $5.4M

Anchorage South Airpark Taxiway

EMC provided CA and assisted in constructing 1,000 feet of east-west taxiway for ADOT at ANC parallel to and south of R/W 7R/25L (formerly 6R/24L). This project also involved the addition of a new 2000-foot north-south taxiway west of Taxiway F.  Completed 2006 - $5.6M

ANC Runway 7L/25R Rehabilitation Phases I & II

This federally funded project rehabilitated runway 7L/25R to accommodate Aircraft Design Group VI. Improvements included rehabilitation of connecting taxiways, replacement and upgrading of airfield lighting and signage and construction of a new access road. This project also decoupled Runway 7L/25R and 15/33 by relocating the threshold of Runway 33. Completed 2016 - $48.5M

ANC Runway 7R/25L Rehabilitation and Extension Phases I & II

This project reconstructed, widened, and extended runway 7R/25L and its accompanying taxiways and constructed a concrete blast pad for larger carrier aircraft. There was an enormous amount of earthwork required for the project that required large areas of grading to maintain drainage; 330 acres of ground was disturbed during the project. There were two phases of construction which were completed within one construction season.  Completed 2012 - $74M

McGrath Airport Runway Reconstruction and New GA Apron

This project consisted of removing R/W 07-25 and construction of a new 2,000-foot crosswind R/W 05-23 and 500-foot runway safety area. Taxiway “K” adjoining R/W 05-23 with R/W 16-34 was also reconstructed and paved, along with reconfiguration of Taxiway “B” and the entire GA apron south of taxiway “B.”  A new medium-intensity lighting system was also installed on R/W 05-23, Taxiway “K,” and Taxiway “B.” Drainage and existing embankments were also upgraded along with the removal of old fueling facilities where contaminated soils were encountered, requiring environmental testing and monitoring.  Completed 2008 - $5.7M

Bethel Airport Parallell RW and Apron

This federally funded project constructed a 4,000-ft parallel runway and GA apron, which involved 20-ft deep digouts of the runway structural section, 28,000 SY of geotextile fabric, 60,000 CY of borrow embankment, and 17,000 tons of hot mix asphalt. A complete MALSR approach and guidance lighting system was installed, as well as a primary power upgrade. Three new taxiways were constructed that included surcharging, settlement monitoring, subgrade, and hot mix asphalt paving.  Completed 2009 - $14.5M

St Paul Airport Pavement

We reconstructed and paved a 6500 foot runway, two taxiways, and two aprons using Foamed Asphalt Stabilized Base Course.  Installed new runway and taxiway lighting and construction of a new snow removal equipment building.  Completed 2005 - $11.8M