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Laboratory Staff

We are proud to work with some of the best people in this industry.  Take a few minutes to get to know our staff.


Laboratory Staff

We are proud to work with some of the best people in this industry.  Take a few minutes to get to know our staff.


Crystal Redding

group manager

Crystal joined EMC in 2009 as the office manager of the material testing and special inspection division.  She is responsible for day-to-day laboratory operation, staffing, contracts, client relations, billing, and maintaining our Nuclear Regulatory Commission Materials License.  Crystal’s training includes the following: ACI field and strength; WAQTC qualified in asphalt, aggregate, embankment & base and in-place density; radiation safety officer. As an owner in EMC, Crystal's role is Director of Business Development.


John Rego

 Professional geologist

John has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and a background in Geotechnical Engineering. Some of his more notable soil investigations are Anchorage Rental Car Center and the Dena‘ina Convention Center Parking Garage. In February 2009, he received 40 hours of training in NDT of welds by means of UT. This qualified him as a Level I NDT UT technician and also an ASNT ACCP™ Level II VT. John is the primary structural steel and welding inspector for EMC. As an owner in EMC, John's role is Top Engineering Executive.


Andy Davenport

field manager

Andy has been working as a materials technician for the last 12 years. His duties have included performing inspections of concrete, masonry, and soil, as well as training new inspectors. In addition to his career as a special inspector, Andy is in the Navy Reserve as an Engineering Shop Supervisor and Quality Control Representative for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Eighteen.  Andy's recent project experience includes providing inspection and testing at the Goose Creek Correctional Center, Dena’ina Convention Center and the Anchorage Museum Expansion. As an owner in EMC, Andy's role is Human Resources Director.

Tom DeLand

construction INSPECTOR

Tom performs Quality Control/Assurance Inspections and reviews, and understands all relevant code requirements and referenced standards. Tom works with clients, as requested, to prepare proposals and estimates, and also works as the Owners Representative, ensuring that all work is carried out according to client’s specifications. He reviews all test data and reports from EMC staff prior to submittal to clients. He has worked as a Materials Technician, QA/QC Inspector, QC/QA Manager, Special Inspector and Project Engineer.


Rainier Saspa

Construction inspector

Rainier has been a Materials Testing Technician for since 2008. During that time, he has performed materials testing and QC on numerous large-scale projects for EMC. Most recently, Rainier was on the Seward Highway projects MP 50-54.5 and MP 54.5-75 where he conducted materials testing and inspection on asphalt, concrete, and earthwork. This experience included immediate processing of daily documentation for approval and transmittal. Rainier also served as a stand-in materials inspector for the Unalaska Airport Improvements project.  Rainier was on the Fire Island Wind Farm project, where he conducted materials testing and inspection on concrete reinforcement, concrete placement, and earthwork throughout the project. Rainier was a Materials Testing Technician on the Muldoon Road Pedestrian Improvements, Phase III project for the ADOT.




Candace graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2006 with a B.S in Environmental Sciences & Geology. During the past 6 years she has performed materials testing in Alaska, Colorado, and Arizona. She spent two years working as a geologist for Golder & Associates, Inc. Her duties included running triaxial, permeability, and consolidation tests. Candace came to EMC Engineering in 2009 and is currently the laboratory supervisor, where she trains new technicians, oversees all lab work, and takes an active role in maintaining accreditation of the lab.




office administrator

Michelle joined EMC in 2013 when she relocated from Southern Illinois. Her years of experience in customer service and office management have been useful in her transition into the construction management and engineering field. Michelle is the office administrator at our material testing and special inspection division in Palmer. She provides administrative direction and support for daily operational activities including, but not limited to, field coordination, clientele relations, billing, lab data entry and employee support. 

Jess Oswald.jpg

Jess oswald

special inspector

Jess has worked as a materials technician, grade inspector, and electrical inspector over the past four seasons with EMC Engineering.  He was the remote lab manager and lead materials technician on the Unalaska Airport Improvements Project from 2012-2014.  In addition to those duties, Jess also performed the duties of grade and SWPPP inspectior.  Working on projects in the Aleutian Islands has given Jess valuable experience in administering projects in remote regions of Alaska.  Unalaska presented a number of challenges similar to what would be presented in Nuiqsut, including the difficulty of obtaining useable materials, and the timing of the barging schedules required able to procure the equipment and material in accordance with the project schedule.  Currently Jess is working on the Valdez Harbor project performing the duties of grade inspection, concrete testing, HDPE weld inspections and basic lab work (sieve, proctor, compression testing).

David Cerna.jpg

david cerna

special inspector

David joined EMC in 2011 as a Field Manager for all operations on Kodiak Island. He has 10+ years of construction related experience with increasing responsibilities in the field and laboratory. He is certified in ICC, ACI, AWS, and WAQTC.  His responsibilities include: special inspections, field and laboratory testing, training, client relations, and review of project documents.  Notable projects include: ML & P Plant 2A Expansion project, Kodiak Fish and Game building, Nikiski Generation Plant Expansion, Pillar Mountain Windmill project, and the Foam Asphalt Expansion for the Kodiak Airport.

nick kuka

materials technician

Nick has been a materials technician for EMC since 2012, when he began working in the materials lab in Palmer. Since then, Nick has gone on to work in the field and in several remote lab locations around the state.  These include Kodiak, Soldotna, and most recently at the Hope Junction for the Seward Highway MP54.5-75 project. Duties involved in these areas included constant communication with contractors and clients, field testing and sampling, laboratory testing, and submittal of reports. Nick’s training includes the following: ACI field and strength; WAQTC qualified in asphalt, aggregate, embankment & base and in-place density.  During his time with EMC, Nick has also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage.


Construction Admin Staff

Construction Admin Staff


Ryan bloom, p.e.

owner/contract manager

Mr. Bloom is the owner and project manager at EMC. Since the company's formation in 2002, he has managed EMC Engineering’s staff on numerous projects in Alaska from Shemya to Prudhoe Bay and overseas, including Wake Island and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He has over 30 years experience in the civil industry, including the Design and Construction Sections of the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.  Mr. Bloom has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Vermont, and is an AK-CESCL. As an owner in EMC, Ryan's role is President / Chief Executive Officer.

tara masters

office manager/office engineer

Tara is EMC's Administrative Operator, as well as a staff office engineer.  She has worked with us since 2004 beginning with the Echo Parking Phase II project at AIA as well as the Lake Otis Rehabilitation project.  She completed the McGrath Airport Runway Extension and New GA Apron project in 2009, and was the office engineer on the Atka Airport Runway Extension and Resurfacing Project.  She is well versed in FAA and DOT project requirements, with over 10 years in the construction industry. Tara recently completed her MBA from Washington State University. As an owner in EMC, Tara's role is Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer.


kent hamilton, P.E.

project engineer

Kent has been a project engineer with EMC since 2003, contributing over 12 years of experience primarily on aviation and highway projects for the ADOT.  Past projects include improvements at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Dillingham Airport, and reconstruction of the St. Paul Island Airport, as well as many Anchorage bowl highway projects.  Kent has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado, is a Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC), and an AK-CESCL. As an owner in EMC, Kent's role is Senior Vice President.

Theron willard


Theron has been a project engineer since 2009, and previously an office engineer and inspector on several projects throughout the state.  Some of his jobs include the Unalaska Airport Runway Extension, the Seward Highway MP 43-50 Project, Huffman Road/Elmore Road Intersection Improvements, and DeArmoun Road Rehabilitation. Before joining EMC, he worked in horizontal civil construction through contractors and the US National Guard.  Theron is a CISEC and an AK-CESCL. As an owner in EMC, Theron's role is Vice President.


jake Goodell, p.e.

project engineer

Jake joined EMC in 2005, and in that time has become a project engineer on staff.  He has experience in positions as a quality control manager, grade inspector, materials, electrical, and paving inspector on many projects throughout the state. His recent projects include Debarr Rd Rehabilitation, Gambell, Ingra, and A St. Paving, HSIP: High Friction Surface Treatment, and Anchorage Area Traffic Signal and Safety Upgrades.  Jake completed a B.S. in Civil Engineering at University of Alaska and a B.S. in Biology at the University of Wisconsin.  He is WAQTC qualified in asphalt, soils, embankment, and base, and is an ACI Certified Concrete Technician, as well as an AK-CESCL.


Justin Wood

Project engineer

Justin moved to Alaska from Tennessee, where he spent 4 years with the local DOT as a paving inspector, as well as serving in the US Air Force as a mechanic.  He has a diverse background working on ADOT projects for EMC, starting in 2006. Most recently, Justin served as the Project Engineer for the ANC Taxiway Y & K Safety Area Widening project and worked on the ANC Runway 7L/25R Rehabilitation project. He was also the Project Engineer on the Kipnuk Boardwalk Improvements Phase II project. He is currently pursuing a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Alaska, and is CESCL and WATCQ certified. As an owner in EMC, Justin's role is Vice President.


Rhiannon Willard

Office engineer

Since starting in 2010, Rhiannon has been an office engineer on numerous projects such as HSIP Signal Modifications, HSIP Muldoon and Northern Lights Blvd, and Debarr Road Resurfacing. She holds a B.S. in Business Management from NC Mount Olive College, an MBA from the University of Alaska, and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Management and Human Resources. Rhiannon is AK-CESCL certified and has completed the SWPPP writing class.


Jim rasi

project engineer

Jim Rasi has worked for EMC since 2007. He has worked on many remote airport locations, including Bethel and McGrath. Jim is CESCL trained and was the Environmental and Grade Inspector on the Northway Airport Rehabilitation Project. He has a solid background in geomatics and construction management and has studied geographic information systems.  He is currently pursuing a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Alaska Anchorage. As an owner in EMC, Jim's role is Vice President.


Clinton hodges

field inspector 

Clint started working for EMC in 2007 as a lead inspector on the Lake Otis Parkway Surface Rehabilitation project. Since then, Clint has been a grade inspector, paving inspector, electrical inspector and environmental inspector on HSIP 2001/Group A, 1A, 1B, 2 & 3B, Anchorage Area Safety Improvements and Seward Highway Mile Post 43-50 Pavement Refurbishment Project. He is a CISEC, AK-CESCL, WAQTC, and ATSSA certified individual.


kil mcnamara

field inspector

Kil McNamara joined EMC in 2014. He has been a SWPPP Inspector, Office Engineer, and Material Technician with us. He recently worked on CR Traffic Signal Modification and OH Beacons, the SWPPP contract for the 88th Ave. and 5th & 6th Ave. projects. Kil has completed a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Univiersity of Alaska Anchorage and is certified in AK-CESCL, WAQTC, and is an IMSA Traffic Control Supervisor.

erin urvina


Erin has been with EMC since 2008.  She has been on in-town, out-of-town, and airport projects throughout the state.  Her experience includes electrical inspection, environmental inspection, grade inspection, and office engineering. She has most notably spent over 5 years in SWPPP inspection and compliance, and has recently completed the requirements for SWPPP writing services.  Erin has completed a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Carolina.  She is AK-CESCL and ATSSA certified.

jason lizotte

field inspector

Jason has extensive paving experience, having been a paving foreman for 15 years, prior to joining EMC in 2012. During his time as a paving foreman, Jason completed numerous projects from large complex urban projects, international airports, and long sections of Federal interstates. Throughout Jason’s career, he has personally inspected the placement of over 2,000,000 tons of hot mix asphalt (HMA). Jason was also responsible for the maintenance of all paving equipment.

Shane Davis

Field Inspector

Shane joined EMC in 2014. He was the Electrical Inspector on the Dillingham Airport Improvements project. He ensured the contractor followed the plans, specifications, and FAA technical specifications for approach lighting aids. While in Dillingham, he also served as Pipe and SWPPP Inspector on concurrent Dillingham Area Projects in 2014 and 2015. His work also included grade inspection and electrical inspection on the Kanakanak Road and Aleknagik Wood River Bridge projects. He served as a field inspector on the Seward Highway MP 50-54.5, where he inspected pipe and grade, during the fall of 2015.  Shane has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Montana State University and is an AK-CESCL.

Rebecca Charles

SWPPP Inspector

Rebecca Charles received a degree in Engineering from Tufts University, but spent 12 years as a wildland fire fighter, dog musher, commercial fisherman and ATV/snowmachine guide before deciding to pursue a career in the engineering field.  She spends the construction season specializing in storm water pollution prevention, but assists in all facets of linear construction projects.  She is the mother to a fantastic young daughter who now constantly judges the conditions of the roads in Alaska, frequently telling Rebecca that she has to “fix this road.”

Jin Chong

Field Inspector

Jin has been working with EMC since 2014. A Field Inspector and SWPPP Inspector, he is also AK-CESCL and ATSSA Certified. In addition to a Minor in Business Administration, Jin has also completed a B.S. in Construction Management from the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). Project experience includes: Seward Highway Mile Post 50 to 54.5 Pavement Preservation, Unalaska Airport Extension, and Seward Highway Mile Post 54.5 to 75 Pavement Preservation. This experience includes paving operations, excavation and backfill, guardrail, storm water pollution prevention, bridge railing, and electrical inspection.  He is AK-CESCL and ATSSA certified.

Paul Song


While studying engineering at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Paul Song has gained sound engineering construction knowledge. During the 2013 construction season, Paul was the SWPPP Inspector on the Anchorage Area Paving Projects, which included four different arterial roads in Anchorage. Prior to joining EMC, Paul was an engineer intern for ADOT. While at ADOT, he inspected various ADOT projects, including Victor Road: 100th Avenue to Dimond Boulevard, for which he served as the Paving Inspector. On the Lake Hood Bank Stabilization and the Ted Stevens ANC Concourse A projects, Paul’s roles included Sheet Pile Inspector and grade checking. 

Kyra Workman.jpg

kyra workman

office engineer

Kyra Workman joined EMC in 2014. Kyra has served as the Office Engineer on the Central Region Signal and Safety Projects and was the assistant Office Engineer on the Kipnuk Boardwalk Improvements project, the ANC Runway 7L/25R Rehabilitation project and the Anchorage Area Paving Projects. Currently she is the Office Engineer on the ANC Taxiway Y & K Safety Area Widening project. She holds a B.S. in Natural Science from the University of Alaska Anchorage.



Daniel Chi joined EMC in 2014. He has been a Field Inspector, SWPPP Inspector, and Material Technician with us. He recently worked on HSIP: CR Crash Cushion Upgrade 2014, and for ANC Taxiway Y&K Safety Area Widening projects.  Daniel has completed a B.S. in Construction Management from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and has a Minor in Business Administration. He is also AK-CESCL, WAQTC, and ATSSA Certified.



Jim joined EMC in 2013.  For the last three years, Jim worked as a SWPPP Inspector for the Dillingham Area Projects where he performed SWPPP review, BMP inspection, and final stabilization inspection. Additionally, on the Dillingham Area Projects, he performed inspection duties on contract items including grade, seeding, lighting, concrete placement, and pavement grooving. Throughout the season, Jim also assisted in grade inspection duties at the Dillingham Airport and Kanakanak Road projects. Prior to working for EMC, Jim was the SWPPP manager for three years on Knik Construction’s Akutan Harbor project. Jim’s varying experiences has proven his versatility as an inspector.  He is AK-CESCL and ATSSA certified.

Larry Maxwell

Grade Inspector

Larry retired from Central Region ADOT before joining EMC in 2008. Most recently, Larry worked as the Chief Grade Inspector on the Dillingham Area Projects  which extended the runway safety area and drainage improvements, as well as the Bridge Inspector on the Aleganik Wood River Bridge. Larry has also served as Grade Inspector on McGrath Airport Runway Reconstruction & GA Apron, Bethel Apron Improvements, Chief Eddie Hoffman Road projects and Bethel Parallel Runway. When Larry worked on the Bethel Parallel Runway, he inspected the surcharging and settlement monitoring, digouts, embankment, and paving. Larry also inspected the paving for the Bethel GA Apron and Taxiways. 



During the last two construction seasons, Sara was an Office Engineer on the following projects: Dillingham Airport Improvements, Kanakanak Road: D Street to Squaw Creek Road Resurfacing, Kanakanak Road: Squaw Creek Road to Hospital Resurfacing, and Aleknagik Wood River Bridge (Dillingham Area Projects). Sara has developed proficient record keeping systems and documentation methods that exceed the requirements of our clients. Her detailed record keeping allowed her to document concurrent projects with different funding sources while keeping the Project Engineers up to date on quantities and completion schedules. Sara’s understanding of FAA and ADOT project documentation requirements and procedures makes her a valuable asset to all construction projects. 

Chelsea Knight.jpg

Chelsea Knight

field inspector

Chelsea Knight joined EMC in 2015 after completing her B.S. in Construction Engineering Management from Oregon State University. After joining EMC Chelsea was the grade inspector for the TW Y&K Safety Area Widening project. Before joining EMC, Chelsea was a construction intern for ADOT and had the opportunity to be part of multiple airport construction projects; including Echo/RON2 Reconstruction, TW Lemma Rehabilitation, and Phase 1 of 7L/25R. Inspection experience includes: pipe, grade, paving, and office. Outside of the construction field Chelsea is a commercial fisherman, swim coach, and ballet dancer. She is AK-CESCL and ATSSA certified.

Kayla May Marsh.jpg

Kayla may marsh

field inspector

Kayla joined the EMC team in the spring of 2015. Her duties include SWPPP and Field Inspection. Her project experience includes: ANC Runway 7L/25R, Kulis: Transition, Repairs and Modifications, and Lake Hood A/B Parking Rehabilitation. Currently, she is working on the Old Seward Highway: O'Malley to Dimond Pavement Preservation, and Seward Highway: 92nd Ave Connector Projects. Kayla earned her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Tennessee in 2011; she is also AK-CECSL certified.

Marissa Myrick.JPG

marissa myrick

office engineer / field inspector

Marissa Myrick joined EMC in 2015 after completing her B.S. in Construction Management with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She has worked as an Office Engineer on Central Region Highway Data Equipment, HSIP Crash Cushions Upgrade, and other Highway Safety Improvement Projects. She has served as a Field Inspector on Central Region Highway Data Equipment and HSIP High Friction Surface Treatment. Inspection experience includes: Asphalt Paving, Pavement Planing, Pavement Striping/Marking, Signs, and Erosion/Sediment/Pollution Control. Before joining EMC Marissa worked in commercial building construction for over five years where she focused on project procurement and contract administration. She is a member of the American Institute of Constructors, and is AK-CESCL and ATSSA certified.

Clif Olmstead.JPG

clifton olmstead

field inspector

Clifton has over 30 years of experience in the construction management field. Prior projects include the rehabilitation of ANC RWs 15/33 (formally 14/32) and 7L/25R (formally 6L/24R) and rehabilitation of Taxiway Kilo (H to J); and, Phase I construction of Taxiway Yankee and the construction of Taxiway Sierra. Clifton joined EMC in 2014 as Paving Inspector on the ANC 7L/25R Phase I project. On ANC 7L/25R Phase II, Clifton was the Chief/Grade Inspector. Most recently, Clifton is the Chief/Grade Inspector on the ANC Y&K project.

Breena Weller.jpg

breena weller

swppp inspector

Breena Weller was hired by EMC Engineering in 2015. She is a SWPPP Inspector for the company, as well as a Field Inspector. General inspection experience includes: guardrail, bridge railing, and paving operations. Breena has been involved with multiple projects specializing in storm water pollution prevention and general field inspection. These projects include: Seward Highway MP 50 to 54.5 Pavement Preservation, Cooper Landing Walkable Community Project, Seward Highway MP 54.5 to 75 Pavement Preservation, International Airport Road Pavement Preservation, and Alyeska Highway Resurfacing and Pathway Rehabilitation. She has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Oregon in Biology. She is also AK-CESCL and ATSSA certified. 


laura sabia


Laura joined the EMC team in 2016 as the company’s in-house accountant. She packed up her car and her dog and drove to Alaska from New York. Laura has a B.A. from Syracuse University and a B.S. in Accounting from the State University of New York Empire State College. She has previous experience in small business management, as well as payroll and benefits administration in the public education system. Laura is an associate member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants. She has passed the CPA Exam and is currently working towards her CPA License. Laura is looking forward to experiencing all that Anchorage and the State of Alaska has to offer. 


elliott bauer

field inspector

Elliott has been working with EMC since 2015. Prior to working at EMC, Elliott worked as a laborer working for a local contractor. His project experience includes: Kanakanak Road D Street to Squaw Creek Road Resurfacing, Seward Highway MP 50 to 54.5 Pavement Preservation, Cooper Landing Walkable Community Project, and Seward Highway MP 54.5 – 75 Pavement Preservation Project. His field inspection experience includes: paving, milling, soil cement base course, culvert pipe, excavation, ditch grading, seeding, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention. Elliott graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a B.S. in Construction Management and a minor in Business Administration. He is AK-CESCL certified, ATSSA certified, and also has his OHSA 30-hour card.

zach quam

field inspector

Zach joined the EMC team in 2015, while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Before joining EMC, Zach had extensive experience in the construction industry as a landscape construction laborer. At EMC, Zach is a SWPPP and Field Inspector. His Field Inspection experience includes: Erosion, Sediment, Pollution Control, Guardrail, Paving Operations, Striping, and Rumble Stripping. Past project experience includes: Anchorage International Airport 7L/25R, and Parks Hwy MP 35-40 Glenn Highway Interchange. He is also AK-CESCL Certified.

Steve Nemethy.jpg

steven nemethy

field inspector

Originally a Michigan native, Steve fell in love with Alaska while Commercial fishing in the Cook Inlet during Summer vacations. He relocated to Alaska in 2012, subsequently earning a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2015. Shortly after graduation, Steve joined EMC as an Engineering Field Inspector. Project experience includes: Seward Hwy MP 50 to 54.5 Pavement Preservation & Cooper Landing Walkable Community Project, Seward Highway MP 54.5 to 75 Pavement Preservation, AIA Runway 7L/25R Rehabilitation, and ANC Taxiway Y & K Safety Area Widening. Inspection experience includes: Pipe and Grade, Guardrail, Pavement Striping/Marking, Pavement Planing, Rumble Stripping, Signs, and Erosion/Sediment/Pollution Control. Steve is also AK-CESCL Certified.

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Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Our Community Involvement

  • Alaska FLL Robotics
  • Alaska Humane Society
  • Alaska Sports Car Club (ASCC)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Anchorage Hockey Association
  • Anchorage Lion's Club
  • Anchorage Opera
  • Boys and Girls Club of Alaska
  • Iron Dog Snowmobile Race
  • Junior Iditarod
  • Revolution Racing
  • Singletrack Advocates
  • Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)
  • St. Jude Children's Hospital

We are proud to sponsor the North Star Squirts Selects, as well as the Revolution Racing team.