Crystal Redding

group manager

Crystal joined EMC in 2009 as the office manager of the material testing and special inspection division.  She is responsible for day-to-day laboratory operation, staffing, contracts, client relations, billing, and maintaining our Nuclear Regulatory Commission Materials License.  Crystal’s training includes the following: ACI field and strength; WAQTC qualified in asphalt, aggregate, embankment & base and in-place density; radiation safety officer. As an owner in EMC, Crystal's role is Director of Business Development.


John Rego

 Professional geologist

John has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and a background in Geotechnical Engineering. Some of his more notable soil investigations are Anchorage Rental Car Center and the Dena‘ina Convention Center Parking Garage. In February 2009, he received 40 hours of training in NDT of welds by means of UT. This qualified him as a Level I NDT UT technician and also an ASNT ACCP™ Level II VT. John is the primary structural steel and welding inspector for EMC. As an owner in EMC, John's role is Top Engineering Executive.


Andy Davenport

field manager

Andy has been working as a materials technician for the last 12 years. His duties have included performing inspections of concrete, masonry, and soil, as well as training new inspectors. In addition to his career as a special inspector, Andy is in the Navy Reserve as an Engineering Shop Supervisor and Quality Control Representative for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Eighteen.  Andy's recent project experience includes providing inspection and testing at the Goose Creek Correctional Center, Dena’ina Convention Center and the Anchorage Museum Expansion. As an owner in EMC, Andy's role is Human Resources Director.

Tom DeLand

construction INSPECTOR

Tom performs Quality Control/Assurance Inspections and reviews, and understands all relevant code requirements and referenced standards. Tom works with clients, as requested, to prepare proposals and estimates, and also works as the Owners Representative, ensuring that all work is carried out according to client’s specifications. He reviews all test data and reports from EMC staff prior to submittal to clients. He has worked as a Materials Technician, QA/QC Inspector, QC/QA Manager, Special Inspector and Project Engineer.


Rainier Saspa

Construction inspector

Rainier has been a Materials Testing Technician for since 2008. During that time, he has performed materials testing and QC on numerous large-scale projects for EMC. Most recently, Rainier was on the Seward Highway projects MP 50-54.5 and MP 54.5-75 where he conducted materials testing and inspection on asphalt, concrete, and earthwork. This experience included immediate processing of daily documentation for approval and transmittal. Rainier also served as a stand-in materials inspector for the Unalaska Airport Improvements project.  Rainier was on the Fire Island Wind Farm project, where he conducted materials testing and inspection on concrete reinforcement, concrete placement, and earthwork throughout the project. Rainier was a Materials Testing Technician on the Muldoon Road Pedestrian Improvements, Phase III project for the ADOT.




Candace graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2006 with a B.S in Environmental Sciences & Geology. During the past 6 years she has performed materials testing in Alaska, Colorado, and Arizona. She spent two years working as a geologist for Golder & Associates, Inc. Her duties included running triaxial, permeability, and consolidation tests. Candace came to EMC Engineering in 2009 and is currently the laboratory supervisor, where she trains new technicians, oversees all lab work, and takes an active role in maintaining accreditation of the lab.




office administrator

Michelle joined EMC in 2013 when she relocated from Southern Illinois. Her years of experience in customer service and office management have been useful in her transition into the construction management and engineering field. Michelle is the office administrator at our material testing and special inspection division in Palmer. She provides administrative direction and support for daily operational activities including, but not limited to, field coordination, clientele relations, billing, lab data entry and employee support. 

Jess Oswald.jpg

Jess oswald

special inspector

Jess has worked as a materials technician, grade inspector, and electrical inspector over the past four seasons with EMC Engineering.  He was the remote lab manager and lead materials technician on the Unalaska Airport Improvements Project from 2012-2014.  In addition to those duties, Jess also performed the duties of grade and SWPPP inspectior.  Working on projects in the Aleutian Islands has given Jess valuable experience in administering projects in remote regions of Alaska.  Unalaska presented a number of challenges similar to what would be presented in Nuiqsut, including the difficulty of obtaining useable materials, and the timing of the barging schedules required able to procure the equipment and material in accordance with the project schedule.  Currently Jess is working on the Valdez Harbor project performing the duties of grade inspection, concrete testing, HDPE weld inspections and basic lab work (sieve, proctor, compression testing).

David Cerna.jpg

david cerna

special inspector

David joined EMC in 2011 as a Field Manager for all operations on Kodiak Island. He has 10+ years of construction related experience with increasing responsibilities in the field and laboratory. He is certified in ICC, ACI, AWS, and WAQTC.  His responsibilities include: special inspections, field and laboratory testing, training, client relations, and review of project documents.  Notable projects include: ML & P Plant 2A Expansion project, Kodiak Fish and Game building, Nikiski Generation Plant Expansion, Pillar Mountain Windmill project, and the Foam Asphalt Expansion for the Kodiak Airport.

nick kuka

materials technician

Nick has been a materials technician for EMC since 2012, when he began working in the materials lab in Palmer. Since then, Nick has gone on to work in the field and in several remote lab locations around the state.  These include Kodiak, Soldotna, and most recently at the Hope Junction for the Seward Highway MP54.5-75 project. Duties involved in these areas included constant communication with contractors and clients, field testing and sampling, laboratory testing, and submittal of reports. Nick’s training includes the following: ACI field and strength; WAQTC qualified in asphalt, aggregate, embankment & base and in-place density.  During his time with EMC, Nick has also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage.