Sterling Highway MP 173-174 & MP 174-179 Pavement Preservation

This was a combined project of MP 173-174 and MP 174-179, with a total distance of 6.3 miles. The project included improvements to curb ramps, guardrail and guardrail end treatments, ATRs, drainage, signage, striping, and a resurfacing from Pioneer Avenue to the end of the Homer Spit.  Completed 2014 - $6.7M

Debarr Road Resurfacing

This project planed and repaved 3 miles of Debarr Road, from Airport Heights Drive to Muldoon Road. Eighty existing curb ramps were reconstructed to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. EMC worked closely with the prime and electrical subcontractor during unexpected modifications, as well as the planned work, such as highway lighting updates, traffic signal modifications, and load center installations. Other work on this project included significant amounts of traffic control and public involvement, signage, striping, bus pad construction, and median improvements.  Completed 2014 - $4.75M

Kipunk Boardwalk Improvements

This federally funded project built approximately 3.8 miles of new and replacement boardwalks in the Village of Kipnuk. Work included at-grade and elevated boardwalks, transitions to existing boardwalk routes, snow machine crossings, and signing. Completed 2014 - $13M

Muldoon Road Pedestrian and Landscaping Improvements Phase III

Muldoon Road Pedestrian and Landscaping Improvements, Phase III, consisted of constructing concrete sidewalks and landscaping improvements throughout the project corridor. Work included pavement removal and replacement, curb and gutter, intersection improvements, electrical systems improvements, SWPPP adherence, and replacement of signs and traffic markings. The work also included constructing transit stop amenities, curb ramps, and storm drain improvements along the Muldoon corridor.  Completed 2012 - $3.2M

2001 HSIP Groups 1-A, 1-B, 2, and 3B and HSIP Group A

 This project included safety improvements at the following locations: 6th Ave. at I St., 8th Ave. and G St., and 8th Ave. and E St., C St. and 7th Ave., Northern Lights Blvd. at Rose St., and Old Seward Hwy. from Telephone Ave. to 38th Ave. This project also included safety upgrades at Old Seward Hwy. at 48th Ave., Northern Lights Blvd. at Bragaw St., 10th Ave. at the intersection of E and C St., and L St. from 5th Ave. to 13th Ave.  Completed 2009 - $2.2M

Muldoon Road Resurfacing, 36th Avenue to Glenn Highway; HSIP: 6th Avenue at Muldoon Road Safety Improvements and HSIP: Northern Lights and Muldoon Intersection Improvements

This project included planing and repaving, reconstructing curb ramps, replacing traffic detector loops, reconstructing intersections, and replacing traffic signals. Two of Muldoon’s projects were constructed in the 2010 season, during which the most recent SWPPP consent decree requirements went into effect; therefore, SWPPP Inspector Mr. Gilbert became thoroughly familiar with all the new guidelines and regulations.  The 2010 construction season had a record-breaking 31 continuous days of rainfall, resulting in increased SWPPP monitoring, additional BMP placement, and higher levels of Temporary Erosion Control measures. Due to Muldoon being a high-traffic urban project, increased levels of BMP maintenance and monitoring were necessary. Completed 2008 - $6M

Dillingham Area Road Projects

These federally funded projects were Kanakanak Road: D Street to Squaw Creek Road Resurfacing, Kanakanak Road: Squaw Creek Road to Hospital Resurfacing, and Aleknagik Wood River Bridge, Phase 1. The Kanakanak Road Projects resurfaced the road from D Street to the Hospital. The projects replaced culverts, including three large multi-plates in andromonous streams, excavation, grading, paving, drainage, erosion protection, guardrail, signing, and striping. EMC provided CA staff working under the ADOT Project Engineer on the Aleknagik Wood River Bridge. The project included the construction of a bridge across Wood River and the construction of a new section of Aleknagik Road from Mission Creek to Dillingham. Completed 2015 - $45.9M

Lake Otis Parkway Surface Rehabilitation, Abbott Road to 68th Avenue and 88th Avenue Reconstruction, Toloff to Lake Otis

This project resurfaced Lake Otis Blvd. from 68th to Abbott and included the construction of two complete new signals at Lake Otis and 72nd and Lake Otis and Lore. In addition, there were modifications made to the signals at Lake Otis and Abbott and Lake Otis and 88th Ave., which also required complete temporary signal systems at both locations. Construction also included 76 new and retrofit ADA-compliant curb ramps along Lake Otis, 10,870 feet of curb and gutter, 10,400 tons of HMA, and 36,600 linear feet of pre-leveling with Type IV HMA.  Completed 2009 - $7.5M

Anchorage Area Safety Improvements Project

This project provided new traffic signals, channelization improvements and raised medians throughout the Anchorage area. Completed 2009 - $3.9M

Seward Highway MP 43-50 Pavement Refurbishment

 This project reconstructed 7 miles of the Seward Highway near Summit Lake. This project included 3,400 feet of new pipe, $300,000 in SWPPP measures, $4.3M in asphalt items, 70,000 CY of excavation, 108,000 SY of foamed asphalt stabilized base course, and 123,000 tons of borrow.  Completed 2009 - $9.3M

Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway Rehabilitation; Watson’s Corner to Brown’s Slough & Airport to High School

These highway construction projects rehabilitated and paved 4.5 miles of Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway in Bethel. Several cross-road culverts and utilities were installed, necessitating well-organized traffic control to facilitate the nearly 10,000 daily vehicles the highway supports. FASBC was used for subgrade stabilization, and presented several challenges to the contractors and project staff. When working with FASBC, prior to foaming, the initial base course material must be set to elevations near final grade, with an allowance for fluff of the material. If the fluff factor is not initially tested or differs from the mix design value, the FASBC can be graded if it is kept moist and traffic on it is limited. After the material sets up, it becomes very hard and nearly impossible to cut even with heavy equipment. Proper construction phasing, material processing and curing are critical to protecting the FASBC, especially with few available detour routes. Completed 2008 - $13M

Huffman Road / Elmore Road Intersection Improvements

This project consisted of widening Huffman roadway, subgrade reconstruction, drainage improvements including culvert installations, providing safety and intersection improvements, constructing retaining walls, and beautification improvements. Both paving jobs within the MOA are located in high traffic areas, requiring extensive traffic control and planning to complete the projects with minimal impacts to traffic flow and local residents, while maintaining a safe work environment. As on the proposed Hyder projects, culvert installations and drainage improvements on Huffman /Elmore were of particular concern, as the project site lies within the base of the South Anchorage watershed. Both projects also incorporate hot mix asphalt surface upgrades. Completed 2006 - $1.9M